Time for Living the Change
7th October- 2nd December 2018
Local Sustainability Events around the Globe

Religious and spiritual communities launch the global “Time for Living the Change” (7th October through 2nd December 2018) with local sustainability events and celebrations around the world. Faith leaders and community members will make sustainable living commitments towards low-carbon lifestyles as part of Living the Change, an international, multi-faith initiative mobilizing people of diverse faiths to commit to sustainable lifestyles.

This will be a joyous occasion to come together as an international, interfaith movement for changes towards sustainable living.

We want to

  • align ourselves with our deepest faith values
  • allow a future for all and take care of the Earth our home
  • reduce greehouse gas emissions and prevent waste and harm
  • send a strong message to others in our communities and to decision-makers in business and government

Let us

  • share and celebrate the changes we are able to lead in our own lives to allow a flourishing world for all.
  • share our stories of change, transformation, and regeneration.
  • lift up leaders and sustainable solutions in our own community.
  • learn from one another.
  • offer guidance around transitioning towards sustainable living.

And, most importantly, let us celebrate this together!

Please join GreenFaith and our global and national faith partners as we celebrate this milestone for our shared journey in Living the Change.



Learn more about the Time for Living the Change, why we do this, what a local event should and can include and how to talk about sustainable living in your community. A must-read to really get prepared as an organizer.


Talking Points

How to best speak about Living the Change and respond to questions.


Media Toolkit

Everything you need to know to successfully communicate about your Living the Change event online and offline, eg. by creating social media posts, writing a blog post, briefing a spokesperson and taking stunning pictures.


Resources for your local event

We have collected spiritual texts and prayers for your event; art, posters and postcards from great artists and easy and delicious plant-based recipes for your community meal. Have a look and get inspired!

Register your event

event titleorganized bytraditioncountrywhenlocationplans
Adelaide Celebrates
President Philippa RowlandMultifaith Association South AustraliaAustralia2018-10-0722 Stamford Court, Adelaide South Australia SA 5000Aboriginal Elder, Uncle Ivan Copley will perform a traditional Welcome to Country, followed by a Living the Change workshop to learn how we can all act swiftly on climate change in accordance with our core spiritual values. After music & dancing with Dusty Feet Mob, we will share an interfaith blessing & delicious vegan meal.
Picnic and Gathering
Dr. Sue TaylorAnglicanAustralia2018-10-13Russell Square, NorthbridgeThis will be a relaxed gathering in a open air setting, in which people will talk about the commitments they are making to live more sutainably, and share vegan food in a picnic style.
Week of Living the Change celebration - Hobart
Ms. Terry SussmilchBrahma KumarisAustralia2018-10-14UTAS Multifaith Centre, TUU Building, Churchill Ave, Sandy BayWe will share our aspirations for sustainable living and making a Living the Change commitment. We will share a vegan meal, and enjoy being together from diverse spiritual traditions in an Interfaith Prayer Service.
Living the Change celebration at Govinda Valley Retreat
Ms. Wendy SaundersInternational Krishan ConsciousnessAustralia2018-10-14Govinda Valley Retreat, 51 Lady Carrington Rd, OtfordThere will be showcasing of Sustainable projects, How To Make a Bird Box workshop, music by the Govinda Valley Kirtan team, sharing by Wollongong Mayor and others. Bring your friends and whole family.
Week of Living the Change documentary and workshop
Mr. Lawrence HallinanCatholicAustralia2018-10-14Adamstown Uniting Church, 228 Brunker Rd, Adamstown. 2289.Show documentary film, Living the Change, to prompt discussion of lifestyle options to create a better future; vegan meal; Interfaith Prayer Service: cherishing creation.
A Season to Hope
Mrs. Liesje BarrattCatholicAustralia2018-10-10Catholic Mission, Lavendar Bay NSWReflecting on the quote from Pope Francis Encyclical Laudato Si “Inner peace is closely related to care for ecology and for the common good because, lived out authentically, it is reflected in a balanced lifestyle together with a capacity for wonder which takes us to a deeper understanding of life.” (no. 225), I will hold an event in my workplace that will include a shared vegetarian picnic lunch in the beautiful park and gardens of Lavender Bay NSW (https://www.wendyssecretgarden.org.au/) . I will share quotes, images and statements of commitment that people can choose from. This event will be the initial event for our new Green Faith initiative I am building within our organisation.
Living the Change celebration
Ms. Ann AisatullinQuakerAustralia2018-10-14Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizbeth St, Melbourne. 3000.We plan to listen to speakers from various religious traditions, participate in small group sharing, listen to live music and share vegan food. There will be an opportunity to make commitments on the day.
Living the Change celebration
Ms. Heather AbramsonJewishAustralia2018-10-14South Brisbane Jewish Congregation Synagogue, Greenslopes (Brisbane)We plan to offer a vegan lunch, hear Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black and Rev Dr Peter Catt speak about their own commitments and share our commitments with each other.
Living the Change celebration
Ms. Thea OrmerodRoman CatholicAustralia2018-10-14Pitt Street Uniting Church, 264 Pitt St, Sydney. 2000.We plan to offer a celebratory vegan lunch, music, a couple of video clips and share our commitments with each other.
Living the Change in Otford
Ms. Wendy SaundersSpiritualAustralia2018-10-0751 Lady Carrington Road Otford NSW 2508Invite Local communities to join us for a Vegan lunch and to see the sustainable living practices at GovInda Valley including Permaculture, Organic gardens and Bush Tucker Trail. Invite local Sustainable Teachers Network to educate guests in Sustainable living as well as Conservationists from Australian BirdLife and Koala Foundation to inform guests about their programs.
Climate change action plan
Mr. Mustasim BillahIslamBangladesh2018-10-20Netrakona, BangladeshConduct a Focus Group Discussion
Change starts from within
Ms. Sineh Edel-queenCatholicCameroon2018-10-13YaoundeInvite individuals ,and associations in church and social group Discuss on the point if we want a change,the change starts from within and we should all be involved in sustainable living and share the message in our various churches and congregations.Create awareness on the fact, a church is not sudden it is a process and we need to fully engage ourselves if we want a change and the fact we should engage ourselves and congregations in activities related to the protection of the environment.Share a vegan meal together
Canadian Thanksgiving: vegan dinner party for 8 friends
Mr. Andrew RockBuddhistCanadaLaHave, Nova Scotia, CanadaMy wife and I will prepare and host a vegan dinner party for 8 or so friends here in Nova Scotia. It will be the week of Canadian Thanksgiving, oct. 8th. We will share with our friends our commitment to look at more sustainable and simple ways of living, and see if we can't have a conversation about living more simply, and eating less meat.
Living Laudato si' - first meeting
Ms. Světla Hanke JarošováRoman CatholicCzech Republic2018-10-09PragueIn a large urban Roman Catholic parish and in the Evangelical congregation operating in the same geographical area, I have invited persons interested in sustainable Christian-motivated living to get together, share their existing commitments and plan some new ones together.
Ms. Lucy UrvinaCatholicEcuador2018-10-11TenaAnimados por la primera Semana Global de Vivir el Cambio, el Capítulo Tena del Movimiento Católico Mundial por el Clima junto sus colaboradores locales, organizaremos el FESTIVAL POR LOS RÍOS LIBRES cuya finalidad es motivar y concienciar a la comunidad local de Tena a tomar acciones frente a la situación crítica de los ríos de nuestro sector, ya que muchos de ellos están siendo explotados ilegalmente o sin un control ambiental debido. Pues está afectando a comunidades indígenas que viven en los bordes de los ríos, además que está deteriorando la vida silvestre de las fuentes de agua dulce. Por lo cual, planteamos hacer esta jornada como inicio a la declaración de los ríos de la amazonía ecuatoriana como áreas y corredores ecológicos protegidas. Las actividades están planificadas para el 11, 12 y 13 de octubre: Jueves, 11 de octubre - Jam de tambores por los Ríos Libres 18h00 Viernes, 12 de octubre - FORO POR LOS RÍOS LIBRES 17h00 Sábado, 13 de octubre - Rafting masivo Ríos Libres - Ríos Vivos - Ruta de observación del estado de los ríos que están siendo minados y contaminados. 08h00 Después del Festival, habrá una rueda de prensa local para presentar las firmas de apoyo y compromiso para exigir a las autoridades que tomen en cuenta nuestra propuesta para conservar los ríos. Además de un compromiso concreto de iniciar un cambio hacia un estilo de vida más sostenible, a paso suave. En Cristo, Lucy Urvina Animadora Laudato Si GCCM - Capítulo Tena
Vivre le changement
Sr. Valeriane BernardFrance2018-10-24Le consulatA talk and presentation of living the change
Clean Up Day
ASOCIVL and Haiti Compost Business
Mr. Adulin PropheteEcumenistHaiti2018-10-13Cap-Haitien, HaitiI will work with member of my congregations, Actions de la Société CIVILe (ASOCIVIL) and Haiti Compost Business which are three organizations that I have leadership influence and co-founders, for one day volunteer street sweeping. We will have a session of presentation with the volunteers to talk about the impact of improper waste management on the environment and human health. We will teach them about the practice of recycling and composting, help them to make the different between recyclable materials and compostable materials. Encourage them to share with other members of their households. The Co-Founder and I will teach people about, and we will distribute flyers to the volunteers and people in the street to expand the awareness.
Living the change
Sr. Valeriane BernardIndia2018-10-07Pune India
MADness (Music-Art-Dance) for Sustainable Change
Vedio Recording and photographs
Sr. Margaret/ Vedashini GonsalvesCatholicIndia2018-10-07October 14,2018Invite school teachers and mothers from all faith if possible youth and have a 3 hours session with music-art-dance for sustainable living the change and ending with veg meal.
Walk Gently on our Earth for Sustainable Future
Mr. PINAKI DASGUPTAMultifaithIndia2018-10-12New DelhiA panel discussion on the importance of SDGs in our daily life and faith prayers for mother Earth in association with oldest Industry Association in India, ASSOCHAM, Green and Eco friendly movement division
Eco Shanti
Br. Shantanu MandalIndia2018-10-07Pune Jagdamba Bhawan Retreat CenterWe plan to 1.Generate awareness towards sustainable lifestyles2.put up plastic free week challenge3.Meditate with music for mother nature With a gathering more than few hundreds.4.celebrate with vegan snacks.
Mr. PINAKI DASGUPTAHINDUIndia2018-10-09SALT LAKE, KOLKATAOverview of GreenFaith, Bhumi Project, LivingtheChange campaign, a panel discussion on importance of SDGs in our daily lives and individual commitment/ pledge (Sankalpa) for a sustainable future (offline), sharing multifaith statement
Mr. PINAKI DASGUPTAHINDUIndia2018-10-12NEW DELHIGather a multi-religious gathering from different educational backgrounds and pledge to walk gently on earth through inspirations and individual pledge
Mrs. Beula FelixProtestantIndia2018-10-13ChikkaballapuraWelcome and Introduction Opening PrayerHymnArt on Canvas (invitees could write or paint on ecological issues)Short FilmOath takingDistribution of Eco-kitsClosing PrayerFellowship Lunch
Mr. ISAAC OMONDIKenya2018-10-07Nairobi,KenyaWe plan to engage and educate community members about reducing waste,reusing and recycling some of the resources/products they use.
Building a saving energy firewood cooking stove
Pastor Oscar MalandeKenya2018-10-05HomeBuild the the saving energy firewood cooking stove and let the community members learn how to do the same.
Means of saving energy to save our planet
Minister Oscar LugusaChristianKenya2018-10-07VihigaI will intiate the use of saving energy firewood cooking stove in our family. Other means of saving energy that i plan to use is use of solar energy and biogas. I will use this as tools of learning in bringing awareness about the need of saving energy . I will invite the community members and also extend to other forums including the church and theological schools.
Eco-Jammat now
Mr. McCarthy SamalaniIslamMalawi2018-10-13LiwondeThe event will be conducted under the bunner
I am Seed
Capt. Tiyanjana BandaChristianMalawi2018-10-07TRINITY ANGLICAN SECONDARY SCHOOL AREAPlant trees and have 200 young people betwen 12 and 17 go on a reflective journey of the ecosystem and decide how they would take part in ensuring that it is cared for
Awareness on Climate Change by Reducing CO2 on Automotives.
Direct communication with all BEC Leadership to encourage them to reach out to their respective Zones to participate this Cycling and Walking together on 17th.Sept from 7.30am to 11am at Penang Coastal Road Cycling Path near 1st. Pg.bridge
Mr. FrancisChris LohCatholic ChristianMalaysiaAt Penang > Coastal Cycling Park and beach front of Oensng 1st.bridge
Rentmeesterschap - wat is onze rol als mens?
Ms. Rianne ten VeenMuslimNetherlands2018-10-12Veendam, Groningen, the NetherlandsWe are planning to have an open door and encourage people from a variety of faiths/ religions to share some of their faith teachings over a 'potluck'/ bring-your-own dinner. The event will be at the town's Buddhist study centre and have attendees from (so far) at least 3 different faiths.
Quaker Sustainability Engagement
Dr. Gray SouthonQuakerNew Zealand2018-10-10Tauranga, New ZealandDiscuss our current sustainability challenge Present materials on how to engage with others on sustainability. Discuss these materials, and undertake small group role play exercises. Share our experiences. Celebrate with a vegan/vegetarian meal.
Right diet for healthy living
Mrs. Felicia AigbiremhonChristianNigeria2018-10-07Ascension catholic churchA nutritionist would be invited to speak on eating rightly.
Interfaith Dialogue and commitment for planetary stewardship and DRR Day
Mr. Douglas OmoruyiChristianNigeria2018-10-13No. 50 Paradise HP Idimu Ikotun Road Lagos NigeriaI run a Non-Governmental Organisation - Center For Early Green Education, that uses advocacy and education to raise awareness about environmental issues particularly Climate Change and Biodiversity Conservation and galvanizing people especially kids and young persons to take action for planetary stewardship. We intend to engage our local community and faith traditions on interfaith dialogue by stressing the importance of taking personal responsibility and care of the environment. We will be inviting local leaders in the two major faith tradition groups (Christianity and Islam) in Nigeria to share their perspectives on care of the Earth. We will also be making personal commitments for planetary stewardship especially on how we need to make deep changes in our diet, energy use and personal travels. 13th of October every year also marks the International Disaster Risk Reduction Day and we intend to similarly highlight its importance. The program will come to an end with everyone coming to share meal together and give praise for what planet Earth has to offer all of us.
Inter denominational sharing of LOVE
Rev. Lilian ChibikoCatholicNigeria2018-10-07ISIALA NGWA Abia StateI want to bring women from different denominations to share from each other what living sustainably could mean. Women are pillars in the family, they will go back and spread it to their children. We shall have get together where we shall sung, pray, cook and of course eat together. We shall make our popular vegetable soup. They will learn how they can contribute in keeping our environment clean and take that to their homes.
Interfaith Climate Sensitization talk
Mr. Muhammad AlmahroofIslamNigeria2018-10-07ShiroroTo invite reprensative from the shiroro Interfaith group comprising Of membership from the Christian Associaton Of Nigeria and the Jamaatul Nasrul Islam to an Interfaith climate change Sensitization and presentation Of trees for planting in their homes and worship places
Plant-Based Muscat Meetup
Mrs. Chantal BlakeIslamOman2018-10-20Muscat, OmanMonthly potluck picnic in the park to invite friends, family, and neighbors to try plant-based eating and lower the environmental impact of our lifestyles.
Plant-Based Muscat Meetup
Mrs. Chantal BlakeIslamOman2018-10-20Muscat, OmanMonthly potluck picnic in the park to invite friends, family, and neighbors to try plant-based eating and lower the environmental impact of our lifestyles.
#ClimateChange Challenges and The Resilience Capacity
Mr. Ihsan NadirPakistan2018-11-29LahoreTo organize a conference on the topic of "Climate Change Challenges and The Resilience Capacity". Tentative participants are experts, policy makers, academia, parlimentarians, media, higher education students, social media activists, community leaders, active youth representatives, civil society, legal fertality, young girls and leading womens. Proposed outcome of the conference is to raise awareness on climate change and build the resilience capacity.
Integral Ecology Training
Mrs. Mariel WallCatholicPanama2018-10-13Carrasquilla 1. Arzobispado de Panamá. Edificio San PabloI will give a training about what kind of actions we could do to protect our common home as: waste separation, water and energy saving. This workshop is to the parishes of Panama, they are preparing for World Youth Day.
Caminata en Defensa de la Creación hacia las Lomas de Amancaes
Ms. Annie Solis-EscalanteChristian - MethodistPeru2018-10-07Amancaes hills, RimacStreet cleanup from the bus stop to the foot of the hill.Walking while singing songs related to Creation praise and careGuided visit to Amancaes hills led by the local caretakersDevotion at the top of the hill. Talk about the menaces to the conservation of the hill. Personal and group commitment.
Plant-based meals
Global Catholic Climate Movement
Ms. Fe GrijaldoRoman CatholicPhilippines2018-11-03Christ, King of the Universe ParishWe encourage the parishioner to have a living the change through plant-based meals. I invite the speaker from the Dok Alternatibo promoting a healthy lifestyle as their advocacy in providing essential health care to the people.
Rosary Month
Ms. Fe GrijaldoRoman CatholicPhilippines2018-10-21San Pedro IX
Compost all my non-meat foods scrap
Ms. Fe GrijaldoPhilippines2018-10-11San Pedro IXComposting waste management practice that converts any volume of accumulated organic waste into a usable product. When organic wastes are broken down by micro-organisms in a heat-generating environment, a waste volume is reduced, many harmful organisms are destroyed, and a useful potentially marketable, a product is produced. Organic wastes may include manure from livestock operations, animal bedding, and yard wastes, such as leaves and grass clippings, and even kitchen scraps.
Fisher Folks Forum on Climate Change and ecological conservation
Mr. CIPRIANO FAMPULMERoman CatholicPhilippines2018-10-07Subic, Zambales, PhilippinesAs vulnerable sectors along West Philippine Sea, a social dialogue is very necessary for a multi-stakeholders forum to assert the rights of every fishermen for their well-being and environmental duty to preserve.
Przebudzenie ekologiczne - Niedziela św. Franciszka - Toruń
Mr. Piotr AbramczykCatholicPoland2018-10-07Copernicus Toruń Hotel, Bulwar Filadelfijski 11, 87-100 ToruńIle wyrzuciłeś jedzenia w tym tygodniu?Miliony ludzi na całym świecie głodują, a my wyrzucamy miliony ton żywności!NIEDZIELA ŚWIĘTEGO FRANCISZKA to: wykłady, panele, warsztaty kulinarne food waste i kiermasze zdrowej żywności z udziałem przedstawicieli sektora spożywczego, publicznego, Kościoła, organizacji ekologicznych.- Rejestracja i program: http://caritas.pl/niedziela-franciszka/Copernicus Toruń Hotel, Bulwar Filadelfijski 11, 87-100 Toruń#NiedzielaŚwiętegoFranciszka #StopFoodWaste #JezusNieMarnowal #EkologicznePrzebudzenie #GCCM #CaritasPolska #CentrumMedialneCaritasPolskaKulminacja: podpisanie Deklaracji świętego Franciszka.Na Konferencji:- dowiesz się co Ty możesz zrobić, by ograniczyć marnowanie żywności w swoim domu?- usłyszysz jakie pomysły na walkę z marnotrawstwem żywności mają rolnicy i przedsiębiorcy, rząd, aktywiści społeczni a nawet kucharze?- spróbujesz jedzenia gotowanego zgodnie z zasadą “zero waste”, a podczas specjalnych warsztatów będziesz mógł/a nauczyć się, jak samemu gotować nie marnując!Kraków, Toruń, Gdańsk, Poznań.Zapraszają: Światowy Ruch Katolików na rzecz Środowiska i Caritas Polska
Przebudzenie ekologiczne - Niedziela św. Franciszka - Kraków
Mr. Piotr AbramczykCatholicPoland2018-10-07Best Western Premier Kraków Hotel, ul. Opolska 14a, 31-323 KrakówIle wyrzuciłeś jedzenia w tym tygodniu?Miliony ludzi na całym świecie głodują, a my wyrzucamy miliony ton żywności!NIEDZIELA ŚWIĘTEGO FRANCISZKA to: wykłady, panele, warsztaty kulinarne food waste i kiermasze zdrowej żywności z udziałem przedstawicieli sektora spożywczego, publicznego, Kościoła, organizacji ekologicznych.- Rejestracja i program: http://caritas.pl/niedziela-franciszka/Best Western Premier Kraków Hotel, ul. Opolska 14a, 31-323 Kraków#NiedzielaŚwiętegoFranciszka #StopFoodWaste #JezusNieMarnowal #EkologicznePrzebudzenie #GCCM #CaritasPolska #CentrumMedialneCaritasPolskaKulminacja: podpisanie Deklaracji świętego Franciszka.Na Konferencji:- dowiesz się co Ty możesz zrobić, by ograniczyć marnowanie żywności w swoim domu?- usłyszysz jakie pomysły na walkę z marnotrawstwem żywności mają rolnicy i przedsiębiorcy, rząd, aktywiści społeczni a nawet kucharze?- spróbujesz jedzenia gotowanego zgodnie z zasadą “zero waste”, a podczas specjalnych warsztatów będziesz mógł/a nauczyć się, jak samemu gotować nie marnując!Kraków, Toruń, Gdańsk, Poznań.Zapraszają: Światowy Ruch Katolików na rzecz Środowiska i Caritas Polska
Przebudzenie ekologiczne - Niedziela św. Franciszka - Gdańsk
Mr. Piotr AbramczykCatholicPoland2018-10-07Filharmonia Bałtycka ul. Ołowianka 1, 80-751 Gdańskle wyrzuciłeś jedzenia w tym tygodniu?Miliony ludzi na całym świecie głodują, a my wyrzucamy miliony ton żywnościNIEDZIELA ŚWIĘTEGO FRANCISZKA to: wykłady, panele, warsztaty kulinarne food waste i kiermasze zdrowej żywności z udziałem przedstawicieli sektora spożywczego, publicznego, Kościoła, organizacji ekologicznych.- Rejestracja i program: http://caritas.pl/niedziela-franciszka/Filharmonia Bałtycka, ul. Ołowianka 1, 80-751 Gdańsk#NiedzielaŚwiętegoFranciszka #StopFoodWaste #JezusNieMarnowal #EkologicznePrzebudzenie #GCCM #CaritasPolska #CentrumMedialneCaritasPolskaKulminacja: podpisanie Deklaracji świętego Franciszka.Na Konferencji:- dowiesz się co Ty możesz zrobić, by ograniczyć marnowanie żywności w swoim domu?- usłyszysz jakie pomysły na walkę z marnotrawstwem żywności mają rolnicy i przedsiębiorcy, rząd, aktywiści społeczni a nawet kucharze?- spróbujesz jedzenia gotowanego zgodnie z zasadą “zero waste”, a podczas specjalnych warsztatów będziesz mógł/a nauczyć się, jak samemu gotować nie marnując!Kraków, Toruń, Gdańsk, Poznań.Zapraszają: Światowy Ruch Katolików na rzecz Środowiska i Caritas Polska
Przebudzenie ekologiczne - Niedziela św. Franciszka - Poznań
Mr. Piotr AbramczykCatholicPoland2018-10-07Collegium Da Vinci ul. gen. Tadeusza Kutrzeby 10, 61-719 Poznańle wyrzuciłeś jedzenia w tym tygodniu?Miliony ludzi na całym świecie głodują, a my wyrzucamy miliony ton żywnościNIEDZIELA ŚWIĘTEGO FRANCISZKA to: wykłady, panele, warsztaty kulinarne food waste i kiermasze zdrowej żywności z udziałem przedstawicieli sektora spożywczego, publicznego, Kościoła, organizacji ekologicznych.- Rejestracja i program: http://caritas.pl/niedziela-franciszka/Poznań, Collegium Da Vinci, ul. Gen. T. Kutrzeby 10#NiedzielaŚwiętegoFranciszka #StopFoodWaste #JezusNieMarnowal #EkologicznePrzebudzenie #GCCM #CaritasPolska #CentrumMedialneCaritasPolskaKulminacja: podpisanie Deklaracji świętego Franciszka.Na Konferencji:- dowiesz się co Ty możesz zrobić, by ograniczyć marnowanie żywności w swoim domu?- usłyszysz jakie pomysły na walkę z marnotrawstwem żywności mają rolnicy i przedsiębiorcy, rząd, aktywiści społeczni a nawet kucharze?- spróbujesz jedzenia gotowanego zgodnie z zasadą “zero waste”, a podczas specjalnych warsztatów będziesz mógł/a nauczyć się, jak samemu gotować nie marnując!Kraków, Toruń, Gdańsk, Poznań.Zapraszają: Światowy Ruch Katolików na rzecz Środowiska i Caritas Polska
Week of change
Archbishop Cormac Vsevolod MalakhovChristianRussian Federation2018-10-07Moscow /Russia ...Sergiev Posad/ RussiaThe event will begin with a common prayer. Then several speakers will deliver prepared messages on the subject of the event. A free discussion will be held. At the end of it, a joint video message will be recorded. A general prayer will follow and the second part of the event will begin. The second part will be a poetic evening. Environmental poets will read their poems. Next comes the traditional Russian tea party. Ancient, uniting people ritual.
Anglicans Ablaze - Living the Change
Rev. rachel mashanglicanSouth Africa2018-10-07durban NatalThe Anglicans Ablaze Conference will attract about 3000 Anglicans from South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique Angola and Zimbabwe . Several bishops usually attend also. On the 4th of October (st Francis Day) Bishop Ellinah Wamukoya (Swaziland) and Rev Rachel Mash (enviro coordinator) will be sharing on the theology of caring for creation and encouraging people to make lifestyle changes. On the 4th and 5th the Green Anglicans table will be encouraging people to Live the change. They will write their personal changes on a laminated board with #livingthechange . This will be photographed and then go onto social media Certain items will be available at subsidized prices to purchase for lifestyle change - eg shopping bag, water bottle, etc NB the event is the 4th but this form only allows me to put in the 7th
Sharing the Invitation to Live the Change.
Rev. Henrik GrapeSweden2018-10-09European Christian Environmental Network assembly celebrates 20 years as an ecumenical network. To all delegates a presentation of Living the Change will be shared and invitation to make commitements
Sustainable living with creation
Facebook and whatsup
Mr. Uwitonze Mwema NiwarindaUganda2018-10-25We are planing a living the change event where we shall host the religious leaders of all traditions around our communities, local government leaders from local council one to chair man local council five, environment officer and natural resource officer already the have been invited. The heads of institutions like secondary schools and primary schools as well as sub county chief of the host ground of the event. We shall have tree planting at the host Lutheran church and thereafter we shall have a procession to the sub county headquarters for tree planting and the neighboring secondary school. Vegan meal is already planned for. Ready to share the results of the event.
Removal of Plastics and Tree Planting in Mitembo Trading Centre
Mr. Joseph SerugoCatholicUganda2018-10-12Mitembo Trading Centre, Kasambya Subcounty, Kakumiro DistrictI would like to mobilize the community which comprises of Catholics, Anglicans, Pentecostals and Muslims to start a culture of proper disposal of plastics as well as planting fruit trees in the homes to mitigate the effects of windstorms while at the same time providing nutritious fruits to the rapidly expanding population.
Celebrating Creation
Br. Nicholas KugonzaCatholicUganda2018-10-13St. Paul Complex, Kamwokya - KampalaWe plan to have praying with creation prayers as inspired by Pope Francis' Letter Laudato Si, Speeches by representatives of the Bahai, Anglican and Islamic faith which will be crowned with a vegetarian meal. We hope on this day also to pledge to plant a million trees across the country.
Taking Action to Care for Creation:Taking Care of Climate Change
Mr. Kaganga JohnMityana districtUganda2018-10-13Kasejjere Village, Bbambula Parish, Kikandwa Subcounty, Mityana District UgandaCreate awareness to local communities on the negative impacts caused by climate change once we neglect to do simple actions in our day to day life like not switching off electric bulbs during day,washing clothes with hot water,by not using energy saving stove,by eating meat,using cars all the time.Discuss the Laudato Si Encyclical as an urgent call to action to transform the way we live and walk on the earth and to be in good relationship with God.
Prayer and Treeplanting Event
Mr. Kizito GeofreyMityanaUganda2018-10-10wabinyira village Nakwaya parish kikandwa sub county Mityana district UgandaRural Women Initiative is a community based organization of young women leaders engaged in social change projects in our communities, we mentor & network with young women and needy children as they grow, assist children and families to restore their hope in their lives that hope can only be found in Jesus Christ. We coach and mentor them to grow physically and spiritually using our meager resources
Sustainable living with creation
Facebook and whatsup
Mr. Uwitonze Mwema NiwarindaLutheranUganda2018-10-14Kamwenge church district - Mpanga ParishWe have planned to have songs and composition of skits based on sustainable living with creation. This shall be organised by the youths of Kamwenge church district at the ground of Mpanga parish. Different congregational youths and choirs shall participate. We shall share on a round table a meal prepared by the very youths with the help of the Christian body and we shall involve the Sunday schools children. Local things shall be used
Climate change impact to children,youths and women
Mr. Bob MaaheUganda2018-10-07KampalaWe are planning to hold an event that will address the causes of climate change, it's impact to the children,youths and women,discuss its possible solutions and lastly a present askit about how climate change leads to domestic violence.
Bring and share plant based Sunday lunch
Ms. Shelley WaldockCatholicUnited Kingdom2018-10-28Our lady's, Welwyn garden city, Hertfordshire, UKBring and share a pot of vegan food with others in your community, find out how you can live more sustainably and leave our planet better off than when we entered it.
Britain Yearly Meeting Sustainability Gathering
N/A Laurie MichaelisQuakerUnited Kingdom2018-10-19Swanwick, UKNational weekend gathering for 100+ Quakers, deepening our sustainability commitment.
Living the Change shared meal
Ms. Alison CraneQuakerUnited Kingdom2018-10-18Friends Meeting House, Warwick Place, Cheltenham, GL52 2NP EnglandThis will be a celebratory meal as we take part in the global week of Living the Change with other faith communities around the world. We will be holding in the Light this interfaith movement for changes towards sustainable living. We will also hold in the light the earth itself and celebrate what it offers us at harvest time, by bringing contributions based on locally produced, organic or plant-based food. Holding each other in the Light as we reflect on what we choose to eat, and its impact on the earth, we will also support each other in sustainable living as we commit to making some change in our own lives.
Bhumi Vandam
Mr. Gopal PatelHinduUnited Kingdom2018-10-07Detroit, MichiganOur youth-led event will promote sustainable lifestyles. The event will have the following components: - Presentation on Living the Change - Panel discussion with youth-leaders - Vegan meal
Mr. Gopal PatelHinduUnited Kingdom2018-10-13Livermore, California (SF Bay Area)We will have a vegan awareness program with the following components: - Presentation on Living the Change - Special address by Dr. Sailesh Rao, Exec. Producer of movie Cowspiracy - Vegan Meal
Living the change- Empowering people how to live in harmony with nature
Sr. Valeriane BernardBrahma kumarisUnited Kingdom2018-10-11Fearing Hall, Rectory Rd, Loughborough LE11 1PL
Tread Lightly Conference
Mr. Chris MartinQuakerUnited Kingdom2018-11-18Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Smethwick, Birmingham, UKConference will be on Sunday 18 November as part of UK National Interfaith Week. We are in the process of finalising programme and will then publicise widely with registration through the above website. We have communicated with Fletcher Harper and he indicated that the event could be part of the Living the Change programme of events as it involves making a pledge and we are planning a langar meal. PROVISIONAL PROGRAMME1:00 TOUR of Gurdwara 1:30 -2:00 REGISTRATION ----------------------------------------------------------2:00 - 5:00 SPEAKERS & DISCUSSIONS Welcome and introduction to FootstepsFAITHS AND FOOD – guidance provided by sacred books and teachings· Sikh - vegetarian · Christian · MuslimTABLE DISCUSSION 1: Introductions, discussion FOOD – ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ON (? and PEOPLE) · Farming methods - environmental damage · Transportation - food miles · Water usageTABLE DISCUSSIONS 2 FOOD PROCESSING and WASTE· Food waste · Packaging · Healthy and sustainable eating TABLE DISCUSSIONS 3 & MAKE A PLEDGEREFLECTIONS AND CONCLUSIONS-------------------------SHARED LANGAR MEAL
Interfaith Sustainable Living Celebration
Ms. Susanna MattinglyQuakerUnited Kingdom2018-10-08Friends House, London, UKThis event organised by FWCC and the Faith for the Climate Network and hosted by British Quakers will convene 50 London-based faith leaders and faith representatives for a celebratory evening. Guests will share a vegan meal and be invited to take a pledge for sustainable living. Attendees will be invited to share testimonials about their own journey and commitment to sustainable living in worship sharing.
Food Waste and Faith
Deacon Daniela OchoaPresbyterianUnited States2018-10-16Old Presbyterian Meeting House, Heritage Hall. 321 S Fairfax Street. Alexandria, VA 22314A delightful opportunity for all leaders of faith & anyone interested in increasing food recovery coherency at their worship home. Daniela Ochoa Gonzalez, a lifetime interfaith, food, compost, and soil enthusiast, will share fun and deep connections between faith and food(waste). You will leave motivated and equipped with all the resources you need to walk the food recovery and regenerative walk. This event is one of many within the "DC Food Recovery Week".
Adult Ed, Introduction
Deacon Daniela OchoaPresbyterianUnited States2018-10-14Alexandria, VAThis is my first chance to lead adult Ed. I'll share my journey of faith as a new deacon and hope to form an Earth Care team to work on Presbyterian USA green certification. I'll mention your site and the Gocidence in terms of timeline and will send the link for them to invite them to do personal commitments.
Plant Based Meal
Twitter Krysia3925
OFS Chris ZurawskiSecular Franciscan OrderUnited States2018-10-14Canticle of the Son Fraternity Waterford ,PAWe will have a little introduction to the morality of eating and watch the video on food. Also will close with Ignation Examine. Mary Nelson, OFS is also a presenter for this event.
The Dharma of Caring for the Earth
Mr. Gabriel DayleyShambhala BuddhismUnited States2018-10-11Shambhala Meditation Center of Washington DC, 3520 Connecticut Ave, NW Washington, DCSpecial topic for weekly Open House Talk & Discussion: What perspective and methods can we draw from Shambhala Buddhist wisdom to help us care for the Earth in a time of environmental crises, ecosystem collapse, and climate change? Join us for an exploration of how we can apply Dharma and warriorship teachings to addressing the ecological challenges we face.
Launching Regional Center for Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development
Mr. Garry HarrisChristianUnited States2018-10-10Atlanta GALaunching the Regional Center for Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development..member of Steering Committee...helping to host event, distributing literature on Living the Change, discussing implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goalsee link to article belowhttps://saportareport.com/u-n-affiliated-sustainability-network-to-be-recognized-at-center-for-civil-human-rights/
JOFEE Network Gathering (Jewish Outdoor Food Farming & Environmental Education)
N/A Meredith LevickJewishUnited States2018-10-11Ortonville, MI at Camp TamarackSharing a vegan meal, Learning about Parashat Noah, limit printing and carbon offsets for flights
Berry Forum Contemplative Ecologists Circle
Sr. Kathleen DeignanRC but Contemplative Ecologist Circles are OPEN to allUnited States2018-10-11Blessed Edmund Rice Chapel Iona College New Rochelle NY 10801Contemplative
Pick Up For Paradise
Mrs. Sparrow HeatleyspirtualUnited StatesSanta Monica Beachhello! This will be the 9th beach clean up. We have collected 40k foreign objects recorded to the CA Coastal Commission in hopes to advance environmental legislation. Our data was used to ban the plastic bag and plastic straw. Please come and join Saturday 9-11am in Santa Monica Beach. Kindly, Sparrow R. Heatley Ocean Advocate
Earth Care Conversation & Supper
Ms. Lisa Sadleir-HartEpiscopalUnited States2018-10-13Sitka United Methodist ChurchSitka Lutheran, Sitka United Methodist and St. Peter's by the Sea Episcopal will hold an Earth Care Conversation & Supper event and give parishioners an opportunity to share about what motivates them to make change on behalf of creation as well as hear from local organizations working on environmental and sustainability issues. We'll be using a couple of questions to get the conversation started and see where it goes ... drawing from Margaret Wheatley's Turning to One Another, the first question will be...
Getting together
Dr. Felicity GrovePaganUnited States2018-10-10OaklandGet together and network. Share ideas about being green.
Walk Gently on Earth
Ms. Nana FirmanIslamUnited States2018-10-13Los Angeles, California, USAPresentation on current ecological status around the world, Islam and Environment and workshop on Eco-footprint Calculator exercise and Living the Change as the solutions for Muslim Youth at Masjid Ath-Thahir.
Living the Change on a Retreat
none while we are on retreat
Ms. Irene WoodardShambhala BuddhistUnited States2018-10-13Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, CanadaI will have a discussion with the cohort on retreat, about Living the Change , with vegan meal offered as part of the retreat.
Take One More Step to Reduce Your Footprint
Mrs. Suzi NovakUnitarian UniversalistUnited States2018-10-14Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern WestchesterWe are having a special service about commitment and the environment, followed by information sessions where folks will get information on specific steps they can take to reduce their carbon footprint in each of the three areas. We will give out stickers for each step; people will collect them on a card that they will take home for their refrigerator, and we will put corresponding stickers on a large footprint poster so we can see and celebrate everything that people are doing. We will have a vegan celebration meal in about a month as we calculate roughly how much carbon we have saved.
I Am My Brother's Keeper CDC
Sr. Maria MuhammadLoveUnited States2018-10-146601 Imperial AvenueEngage Community Members about Climate Change and How it is Affecting us Locally and throughout the World. Talk about our participation in the IAMBK Green ClubEat, Drink and Be Merry
Laudato Si Circles Launch
Ms. Jennifer ConnorCatholicUnited States2018-10-12St. Ignatius Parish ChurchFellowship over a vegetarian meal to launch Laudato Si Circles: an initiative for regular (biweekly/monthly) community group gatherings of people who seek to deepen their relationship with God as Creator and all members of Creation via prayer, reflection, sharing of experience, and committed action.
Interfaith-SupperMs. Helena FunkUnited States2018-10-13New Haveninviting fellow students with different faith background for an informal vegan supper. Part of the conversation shall be to get to know each other's believe - explained by the believer him-/herself. In a second step, sustainability on campus and within everyday life shall be added as participants also have various geographic backgrounds. Finally, the discussion during supper may combine the topics of environment and sustainable lifestyles with belief and being part of a faith group. The aim of the gathering is to get informed about other faith groups by meeting and talking to members of these groups and then see if (and if yes which) similarities we may find according to sustainable living and how it is enforced by our belief.
Living the Change: Celebrating Mother Earth
Mr. Gopal PatelHinduUnited States2018-10-13Queens, New YorkWe will have a cultural celebration in honour of Mother Earth. This will include: - Traditional Indian dance - Meditation- Prayers for the Earth- Discussion on sustainable lifestyles- Vegan meal
Saint Francis Canticle of Creation
Thomas Berry Forum for Ecological Dialogue
Sr. Kathleen DeignanRCUnited States2018-10-07Arrigoni Center at Iona CollegeEarth Vespers for the Feast of Saint Francis and Blessing of Animals
Building a Regenerative Hub
Mr. David TakahashiShambhalaUnited States2018-10-09Denver COWe feel that Climate Action is best achieved at a local regional scale. We are aware that we need to go further than blocking further damage, we need to collaborate a platform to actually regenerate ground we have lost. Our intention is to create a platform that will allow generations in the future to smile in deep appreciation. We feel that we need to respect people, planet, profit and spirit. LTC will be our individual action platform. The event is a presentation on building Hubs which are happening around North America on the evening of October 9. We will have a hands-on workshop for potential Hub participants on the next day. The event will be at a non profit who have taken their facility to Net Zero. We will be working at a leadership level! The participants will be answering back to their own networks. We are very appreciative that GreenFaith and its relationship-based organization, a co-creating and co-arising collaboration, will be a foundation for building a local regional working group of diverse perspectives.
St. Ann's Lives the Change
Ms. Marisa VertreesCatholicUnited States2018-10-10Arlington, VALaunching our parish green team by inviting members to a Living the Change meeting where they'll make personal commitments, and discuss commitments that can be made as a parish as well. Sharing our vegan meal with no disposable plates or flatware.
Low-Carbon Living
Low-carbon Life
Ms. Carol H GreenBuddhistUnited StatesSouthwest FloridaLaunch an ongoing series of meetings with committed Sangha members to reduce their individual carbon footprints using two workbooks LOW-CARBON DIET: HOW TO LOSE 5,000 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS and GREEN LIVING HANDBOOK: A 6-STEP PROGRAM TO CREATE AN ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE, by David Gerson. Develop trainers from this group to lead workshops in their own networks and beyond, aiming to develop community wide influence. Since the change we need is not a one-time change, we are planning for sustained, long-term work on this project reaching beyond the week of October 7.
Day of mindfulness: At one with Earth, at one with yourself
Mr. Andrew RockBuddhistUnited States2018-10-13Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, CanadaMy wife and I will lead a Thich Nhat Hanh style Day of Mindfulness with particular focus on our relationship to mother Earth. We will meditate, discuss, share a vegan potluck lunch, and have readings and experiential exercises to focus on our interning with the world.
Sustainable Living Picnic & Hike
Mrs. Betsy LaVelaUnited States2018-10-14St. Paul's Episcopal Church lawn -200 Main St. Chatham, NJ- guided hike to new Heritage TrailInterfaith potluck picnic for members at large of Summit Area GreenFaith Circle (all religious organizations in area) on lawn followed by hike and guided tour by Colleen Truppo of the town's shade tree commission.
Religious Environmentalist Dinners
Invitees are contacted via email
Mr. Jeff Levy-LyonsJewish (Renewal)United States2018-10-14200 W79th St. Apt. 3D New York, NY 10024On October 14, my wife and I are restarting monthly vegan dinners in our home for religious environmentalists. The inaugural dinner will be my sustainability event as it links directly to the work of building awareness of the need to live gently on the Earth. We had held these dinners for about a year before taking a hiatus. We are now resuming them with a mind to expanding the list of invitees and number of attendees. The goal is to offer people at the intersection of religion and environmentalism an opportunity to gather, network, eat a delicious vegan meal, and gain comfort and support for their work. Some attendees have been hard core activists; some are climate scientists, some work within congregations on environmental issues; and some just hold a deep abiding love for the Earth as sacred creation. For this evening, we invite attendees to step away from their "work". In fact we ask that no one advocate, organize, or promote a cause. instead, we simple enjoy each other's company, share stories of how our faith informs our environmental work, and build community among a group of people whose concern and efforts often feel lonely and sometimes hopeless. From these dinners, people leave satisfied by sustainably grown food, connected to and strengthened by community, and more ready to push forward with the herculean work of restoring balance to our climate and our world.
Sunday Living the Change Lunch
Ms. Susan BrandonBuddhistUnited States2018-10-07St. Petersburg, FLWe plan to cook a Vegan lunch for 20-30 members of our local Shambhala Center to serve after our morning sitting practice. There will be some printed information and posters about Sustainability and discussion during lunch. Recipes will be available for the food that is served.
Eat to Lower Impact (on climate change)
www.our-sacred-earth.org and www.boundlessinmotion.org
Ms. Bonnie SundanceEclectic mixUnited States2018-11-10Boulder, CO USSASpeaker: author, Aaron Perry of Y on Earth; Living the Change commitment cards for plant-based diet; and time doing Earth Listening while reflecting on questions
Family Field Trip to Crossroads Farm
Dr. William (Coty) KellerEpiscopal/AnglicanUnited States2018-10-14Crossroads Farm, Malverne NY USAChurch of the Ascension (Rockville Centre, NY) is having a family field Trip to Crossroads Farm on Sunday October 14, 2018 2-3:30 PM. This family outing will include a tour of the farm, a lecture on what sustainable agriculture is all about, and a prayer service. Crossroads is the closest organic farm to New York City: https://www.xroadsfarmliny.com/about-the-farm
Living the Change - Right Action in Times of Climate Uncertainty
Ms. Theresa PalmerUnited States2018-10-06Albuquerque, NMStories of change toward more sustainable living will be shared, participants will have the opportunity to make/share commitments, we will end by eating a vegan meal together in celebration.
Community viewing of the GCAS Multi-Faith Service of Wondering and Commitment
Mr. Eric SchugUnited States2018-10-12Live Oak Goleta CA
Electronics Recycling
Dr. Marjorie Curtis-CohenJewishUnited States2018-10-14Reform Congregation Keneseth IsraelWe are working with an organization called PAR Recycle Works that both recycles usable materials from electronics and employs people returning to society from prison.

We can support your event

Once you have registered your event, you may apply for a small grant to support your event.
Click here to see the application form.

How-to prepare an event

If you want to plan an event during the Time for Living the Change, please plan to have these two elements at the core:



What does it mean to make a change in your own life?
What is easy and rewarding, what is difficult?
How can we support each other in sustainable living?
Take your commitment here well before the event and share about your experiences during the event. Invite others to take a commitment, as well. It is joyful to find solutions for a flourishing world together.



Come around the table to share a meal, break bread together, give praise for what the Earth offers us. The Earth-friendly vegan community meal will be a new and encouraging experience for all. Plan this as a group, discover vegan recipes and local ingredients, and enjoy cooking and eating together. This is an invitation to reflect about our ways of eating, and its impact in the world, and to provide a diversity of opinions and solutions.

Sample Schedule of a local event

Arrival and welcome Introduction to sustainable living and the Time for Living the Change

Commitment: Share about personal commitments (3-5 people describe their commitment and offer a personal testimony about it)

Invite others to make a commitment (for example by distributing pledge cards at the table, or providing a shared blackboard of commitments, etc.)

Spiritual Moment: Give grace, sing a song, or share a moment of silence

Celebration: Eat a vegan meal together

Other Ideas

Prepare a prayer, meditation or worship service that focuses on gratitude, transformation and hope for the future.

Include a time for sharing of personal, encouraging stories of change about sustainable living among the participants.

We encourage each event to read aloud the 2017 Interfaith Statement, and invite participants to add their names to our global call for climate action. Living the Change will present these names to key decision makers at the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) in September and the U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP24) in December.

You can as well combine your local event with an excursion or joined action. Here are some ideas: Have a cooking session to prepare the common meal together, collect and distribute vegan recipes during the event, have a bicycle rally to your place of worship, commemorate a local institution’s solar panels, visit a sustainable agriculture farm near you, talk to the local farmers, establish a community garden, or organize a blessing ceremony of electric cars.

Do you have other ideas that should be added here? Please share your suggestions with Living the Change Director Caroline Bader at caroline@greenfaith.org.

The first ever Time for #LivingtheChange is happening now through 2nd December, and I am making a personal commitment to change my behavior for the Earth. Join me and others around the globe in celebrating our #faithfulchoices to live more sustainably: https://livingthechange.net/my-commitment

I am planning a communal #vegan meal to celebrate the Time for #LivingtheChange, a global season of celebration where we will come together and give thanks for what the Earth offers us. Message me for details, or learn how to organize your own local event: https://livingthechange.net/global-week

Celebrate sustainable living with me and other spiritual people around the globe during the first ever Time for #LivingtheChange (7th October - 2nd December)! Find a local event in your community, or learn how to organize your own here: https://livingthechange.net/global-week

In honor of the Earth, our common home, I'm celebrating the first ever Time for #LivingtheChange (between 7th October - 2nd December). Here is my story of change about sustainable living - how I came to make #faithfulchoices for our flourishing world …

Plan an educational or training aspect as part of your event – for example, around the religious values for caring for creation, climate mitigation through sustainable lifestyles at scale, etc. We will brainstorm and workshop more ideas during the upcoming organizers calls.

Invite a local leader to your event, speak about sustainable solutions for your community to the decision-makers, issue a letter to the world’s heads of states before COP24, and develop new opportunities to champion sustainable living. We are all growing this movement together, and we welcome your leadership today and every day!

Call To Action