Week of Living the Change
7-14 October 2018
local sustainability events around the globe

Celebrate with us from 7-14 October 2018 with local sustainability events around the globe.

People from all religious and spiritual traditions are invited to celebrate the first Week of Living the Change with local events in faith communities around the world.

This will be a joyous occasion to come together as an international, interfaith movement for changes towards sustainable living.

We want to

  • align ourselves with our deepest faith values
  • allow a future for all and take care of the Earth our home
  • reduce greehousegas emissions and prevent waste and harm
  • send a strong message to others in our communities and to decision-makers in business and government

Let us

  • share and celebrate the changes we are able to lead in our own lives to allow a flourishing world for all.
  • share our stories of change, transformation, and regeneration.
  • lift up leaders and sustainable solutions in our own community.
  • learn from one another.
  • offer guidance around transitioning towards sustainable living.

And, most importantly, let us celebrate this together!

Please join GreenFaith and our global and national faith partners as we celebrate this milestone for our shared journey in Living the Change.

The Local Events

All participating groups should include two elements in their event that connect us all in this week:

Commitment: Making a personal commitment to sustainable living and sharing about it

Celebration: Celebrating this together through an Earth-friendly vegan community meal

We embrace the diversity of different faith groups, cultures, and contexts. Make this event your own through offering a spiritual moment or worship service, including arts and music, organising a community action, showcasing sustainability solutions from your region.

We invite groups to organize an event with their own faith community or as a multi-faith gathering. The event is an opportunity for deepening engagement of existing groups, as well as an occasion for relationship building and exchange with new actors and communities.

Register your event

We can support your event

Once you have registered your event, you may apply for a small grant to support your event.
Click here to see the application form.

If you are organizing and hosting an event:

Once you have registered your event, you will be invited to join one of the online organizers calls to both prepare and evaluate the Week of Living the Change. These 1 hour calls will provide a platform for information sharing, discussing local plans, and networking between local organizers.
If you want to dig deeper and learn about sustainable living from experts in the field, apply for our “Sustainable Living Leadership Program”.

How-to prepare an event

If you want to plan an event during the Week of Living the Change, please plan to have these two elements at the core:



What does it mean to make a change in your own life?
What is easy and rewarding, what is difficult?
How can we support each other in sustainable living?
Take your commitment here well before the event and share about your experiences during the event. Invite others to take a commitment, as well. It is joyful to find solutions for a flourishing world together.



Come around the table to share a meal, break bread together, give praise for what the Earth offers us. The Earth-friendly vegan community meal will be a new and encouraging experience for all. Plan this as a group, discover vegan recipes and local ingredients, and enjoy cooking and eating together. This is an invitation to reflect about our ways of eating, and its impact in the world, and to provide a diversity of opinions and solutions.

Sample Schedule of a local event

Arrival and welcome Introduction to sustainable living and the Week of Living the Change

Commitment: Share about personal commitments (3-5 people describe their commitment and offer a personal testimony about it)

Invite others to make a commitment (for example by distributing pledge cards at the table, or providing a shared blackboard of commitments, etc.)

Spiritual Moment: Give grace, sing a song, or share a moment of silence

Celebration: Eat a vegan meal together

Other Ideas

Prepare a prayer, meditation or worship service that focuses on gratitude, transformation and hope for the future.

Include a time for sharing of personal, encouraging stories of change about sustainable living among the participants.

We encourage each event to read aloud the 2017 Interfaith Statement, and invite participants to add their names to our global call for climate action. Living the Change will present these names to key decision makers at the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) in September and the U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP24) in December.

You can as well combine your local event with an excursion or joined action. Here are some ideas: Have a cooking session to prepare the common meal together, collect and distribute vegan recipes during the event, have a bicycle rally to your place of worship, commemorate a local institution’s solar panels, visit a sustainable agriculture farm near you, talk to the local farmers, establish a community garden, or organize a blessing ceremony of electric cars.

Do you have other ideas that should be added here? Please share your suggestions with Living the Change Director Caroline Bader at caroline@greenfaith.org.

The first ever Week of #LivingtheChange will take place between 7-14 October, and I am making a personal commitment to change my behavior for the Earth. Join me and others around the globe in celebrating our #faithfulchoices to live more sustainably: https://livingthechange.net/my-commitment

I am planning a communal #vegan meal to celebrate the Week of #LivingtheChange (7-14 October), where we will come together as a community and give thanks for what the Earth offers us. Message me for details, or learn how to organize your own local event: https://livingthechange.net/global-week

Celebrate sustainable living with me and other spiritual people around the globe during the first ever Week of #LivingtheChange (7-14 October)! Find a local event in your community, or learn how to organize your own here: https://livingthechange.net/global-week

In honor of the Earth, our common home, I'm celebrating the first ever Week of #LivingtheChange (7-14 October). Here is my story of change about sustainable living - how I came to make #faithfulchoices for our flourishing world …

Plan an educational or training aspect as part of your event – for example, around the religious values for caring for creation, climate mitigation through sustainable lifestyles at scale, etc. We will brainstorm and workshop more ideas during the upcoming organizers calls.

Invite a local leader to your event, speak about sustainable solutions for your community to the decision-makers, issue a letter to the world’s heads of states before COP24, and develop new opportunities to champion sustainable living. We are all growing this movement together, and we welcome your leadership today and every day!

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