How Faith Leaders From Around the World Live the Change

by the Living the Change Team

We asked faith leaders in our GreenFaith and Living the Change communities from all over the world about how their faiths inform their relationship to the earth, the environment, and to climate change.

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The Cry of the Earth and Cry of the Poor. Witnessing the Situation in East Africa

by Br. Benedict Ayodi, OFM Capuchin, Kenya

We hear the Cry of the Earth and Cry of the Poor here in Kenya. Following our Franciscan Charism, we value and promote both the dignity of the human person and the integrity of creation.

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Feel proud to tell the world that you decided to change.

by Domenica Reyes, Global Catholic Climate Movement, Ecuador

It’s time to act and God is guiding us! Feel proud to tell the world that you decided to change. We can create a chain of action that will keep growing and replicating.

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Becoming a young Kalifah of the Earth

By Saba Yasin, Bahu Trust, United Kingdom

I found myself drowning in facts and figures. Then I began to think more about how our actions are affecting those in countries around the world. Through learning all this, I began to develop the ideas for a workshop focused on inviting young Muslims to come and learn about their duties.

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Baby Steps to Eating Green

By Shabana Parveen, Bahu Trust, United Kingdom

We have gradually changed the way we eat in our household. Why have we decided to change our eating habits? How have we done this? Following the actions of our blessed Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has helped us to change.

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Lead Boulder to a decarbonized, decentralized energy future

by David Takahashi

The average American is responsible for 17 metric tons of CO2 per year. The average Boulder citizen is at 14 metric tons. Science tells us the Earth is capable of consuming 3 metric tons per person per year. To bring us back from the brink of a climate emergency, we need to produce less than the 3 metric tons.

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Something is Lost and Needs to be Found

by Patrick Carolan, Executive Director of the Franciscan Action Network

We are not separate from the environment in which we live; rather we are connected as part of the natural environment. We are all part of and one with creation.

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‘Be the Change you Want to See’, ‘When I Change, the World Changes’

by Valériane Bernard

When the initial team started to work on the idea and concept of a Faith Based project that would promote lifestyle changes, it was not yet called ‘Living the Change’, and I was among the people who supported the name “Living the Change”.

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Don't ask me not to fly!

by Mark Delaney

Many of us in ARRCC are involved in some way in calling other people to change. We’re asking our business and political leaders to find more sustainable ways to make things. We’re asking them to prioritise renewables over fossil fuels. We’re asking them to speed up the introduction of electric cars and trains.

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Vesak and Climate Crisis at the UN

by 1earthsangha

As part of this year’s observance, Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi offered reflections and a call to respond based on the application of the Buddha’s diagnosis and remedy for suffering to the collective suffering that is the climate crisis.

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What kind of difference do you want to make? Responding to Jane Goodall's call to low-carbon living

by Thea Ormerod

With the impact of climate change becoming clearer by the year, we are hearing more and more prophetic voices challenging the way we live. Greta Thunberg is one such voice, traveling to international meetings by train and advocating others do the same.

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Sustainability in Community at Hazon's JOFEE Network Gathering

by Meredith Levick, Director of Community Engagement, Hazon

Hazon is grateful to share about the third annual JOFEE (Jewish Outdoor, Food, Farming and Environmental Education) Network Gathering, which was held at Tamarack Camps in Michigan on October 11-14, 2018.

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Protect Our Common Home by Living the Change

by Adulin Prophete

Improper waste management is one of the most destructive environmental actions in Haiti, so an important first step towards caring for God’s creation is to reduce garbage and improve our methods for recycling, composting, and disposal methods.

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Fear and the Electric Vehicle: Accepting the Evidence is Very Hard

by Jack Gorman

Few things are as certain among scientists as climate change. Political posturing aside, it is an accepted fact that human activities, especially burning fossil fuels and raising beef for human consumption, are increasing the earth’s temperature. This will lead to a host of dire consequences, motivating all countries except the United States to sign on to the Paris Climate Agreement in an attempt to reverse global warming.

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Time to Start Living the Change: A plea for lifestyle change as part of our response to the climate crisis

by Rev. Fletcher Harper

For the past 30 years, climate change has represented an emergency. Now, we need to adopt lifestyles that lead us to act in our daily lives like the emergency is actually real.

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Living the Change at “Anglicans Ablaze”

by Canon Rachel Mash, Environmental Coordinator - Anglican Church of Southern Africa (Green Anglicans)

Over 2000 Anglicans from eight countries gathered in Durban, South Africa for an inspiring three-day conference and time of spiritual revival.

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Beauty in Simplicity, The joy of living simply

by Valériane Bernard

I love what is simple. It reminds me of the bareness and majesty of Zen monasteries - of the beauty of peaceful gardens and creative art.

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Are you ready for Living the Change?

by Caroline Bader

Earth is a blessing. She supports life and is the basis of all our economies. She conveys beauty and evokes our recognition of something greater than ourselves. She is our temple, our mosque, our sanctuary, our cathedral. Our home. (Interfaith Statement Walk on Earth Gently, 2017)

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We have the Power to Solve This

by Tomás Insua

As a Catholic, I treasure what my faith teaches me about creation. Our Church helps us understand that creation is a gift given by the Creator, and that all of us are equally entitled to share this Earth, our common home.

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