Grounding In Faith Resources

Congratulations! You have demonstrated courage and commitment by joining with a group of others, to explore our relationship with air travel.

You've made your intention, and reflected on what will most support you. 

What next?

We recognize change takes time, and rarely happens after one experience. Here, you'll find some resources we've created to help further your commitments to "living the change." Below, you can choose from guided worksheets that address some of the challenges touched on in the workshop. You are invited to read Stories from the Ground - honest, genuine accounts of how some spiritual leaders are wrestling with these issues, and can sign up to join a 1-hour virtual Grounding Session with Renee - an informal space to come together and check in on how we're doing with our intention and post-workshop reflections. 

We encourage you to join our Facebook Group to continue the conversation, share your intentions and challenges and connect with others.

Post Workshop Integration & Application Tools

Air Conversations

A worksheet to guide us in having conversations about air travel.

Planning and Support Worksheet

A worksheet for helping to make different travel choices.

Telling Your Story

A guide to effective storytelling to inspire lifestyle changes. 

Support + Resources

Facebook group

Connecting with others through our Facebook Group.

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Stories from the ground

Personal air travel experiences from others.

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Grounding session sign up

Sign Up to meet one on one with Renee for an informal followup conversation to the workshop.

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Flying In The News


What is the flight-shaming movement sweeping through Europe?


Meaningful travel

Is your trip worth the climate impacts? #Travelless

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Should you, dear traveler, feel ashamed to fly?


Air Travel Initiatives

No Fly Cli Sci

Earth scientists, academics, and members of the public who either don't fly or who fly less.

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Stay Grounded

A global network of more than 120 climate justice activist groups supporting communities that aim to campaign together for a reduction of aviation and its negative impacts.

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