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Credit: Oliver Rudkin

Get real by making a concrete commitment!

Choose one or several climate-friendly change(s) that you will start living out. As participants in Living the Change, we all focus on the same three priority areas of transport, diet, and home energy use, yet our local contexts differ and our options vary. That is why we invite you to write down your commitment in your own words, describing your reality. For example: “I commit to take the train to get to work 3 days a week”, or “I commit to eat red meat only twice a month”, or furthermore “I commit to power my home with renewable energy”.

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How we travel from one place to another always has an impact on the Earth, no matter how near or far. We invite you to join us in moving around our world more thoughtfully and sustainably.

Meat, cheese, and milk production all create lots of carbon pollution. What we do with “everything we don’t eat” can also hurt the environment … or it can help! We invite you to eat a plant-based diet and compost your non-meat food scraps.

How do we heat and cool our homes? When do we use electrical appliances? Where does our electricity come from? We invite you consider these questions and lower your home’s impact on climate change.

People of faith around the world are coming together to walk gently on Earth.

Thank you for joining this critical response to climate change!

Your commitment contributes to reducing carbon emissions and the culture shift we need to respond to this crisis:

One of the most powerful things you can do is share with others that you are taking climate change seriously and actively responding. Share your commitment social media.

Consider making another commitment!

If you haven't already, will you join a welcome call and learn about how you can keep your commitment and work with your communities to Live the Change?