Will you host a Living the Change Supper in your home or at your place of worship?

Breaking bread together is one of the oldest practices that we all share across communities and cultures, and offers the perfect setting for some of the most important conversations of our lives.

Living the Change Suppers are delicious plant-based meals that bring people together to discuss their feelings about climate change, share relevant religious and spiritual teachings, and talk about the lifestyle changes we can make as an important part of the response to this global emergency.

Download our Suppers Guidebook below for great vegetarian and vegan recipes, discussion questions, and teachings from spiritual and religious traditions to help make your shared meal and conversation a perfectly tailored experience for you and your community.

Will you lead a Guided Conversation about practicing what we preach in the face of the climate crisis?

Today, climate science clearly states that we need to take action immediately. Religious and spiritual communities simply must become involved to offer moral leadership for the sake of the most vulnerable, future generations, and life on our precious planet.

Living the Change Conversations are a great way that you and your faith community members can engage in trusting, intentional conversations about what it’s like to change our personal transportation habits, our diet, and our home energy use.

Download our Conversation Guide below for suggested questions and tips that you can use to make your conversation interesting, meaningful, and fruitful.

Will you organize a local event to help your community start Living the Change today?

Religious and spiritual communities have a unique ability to help people face challenges and make difficult changes in their lives. As people of faith, we can play an important role in helping society, together, make the type of urgent, lasting changes necessary to address the climate emergency.

Our Event Organizers Toolkit has been designed to help you plan, promote, and host the best possible event for you and your community, given your unique interests, passions, and experiences with your own faith or spiritual tradition. Please use this Toolkit to make the most of the Time for Living the Change in the way that speaks most truly to you and your community.

Download our Event Organizers Toolkit below for helpful resources to plan, publicize, and host your event, including step-by-step guides for planning and hosting, a variety of sample invitations, social media posts, and communications for local media, tips for how to take the best photos and how to help us share your story as an inspiration to people of spirit and faith around the world, and so much more!