Data Collection and Privacy Policy

What is this disclaimer all about?

We take data privacy seriously, and we want to be crystal clear about what, why, and how we collect and use any of your personal information. This resource has been designed to help encourage and celebrate personal commitments by individuals all around the world to make sustainable behavior changes in their own lives ... and we want you to feel comfortable and excited as you join us in Living the Change!

What data is being collected here?

Your name, email, country of residence, and (optionally) your faith tradition and personal motivation text are the only pieces of information collected. Our website also stores the specific commitments that you select personally.

Why are we collecting this data, and how will it be used?

We collect the information listed above so we can measure the overall environmental impact of all these commitments, as well as to better understand which commitments are the most popular.

Will my personal commitment(s) be shared publicly?

We hope to share commitments publicly as a way to celebrate and inspire even more sustainable behavior change, as this is part of Living the Change's core mission. However, we will only do so if you provide informed consent by clicking the second box below ("I give permission for Living the Change to share my commitment publicly"). For example, we will be reading several commitments aloud during the Global Climate Action Summit's Multi-Faith Service at Grace Cathedral on 12 September!

Who can access the data collected here?

All data will be stored by Living The Change (, an initiative led by GreenFaith ( and a coalition of partner organizations listed on the Home page of our website ( This information can be accessed only by Living the Change team members.

Do you have more questions or requests?

You may contact us at any time to request details about the information we store, or to request that we erase your data from our files, by emailing

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