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Rose Gwynn

When I was young, my devout religious beliefs led me to act as if the spiritual world was the only world where my daily, physical actions mattered. I didn't see a major link between my everyday habits such as diet, energy use, etc as being very important or affecting anyone but myself. My faith was very myopic and self-centered. I thought that as long as I prayed, read my Bible, and was kind in my intentions toward others, that I was living a holy life. As I have gotten older, my perspective has shifted, and I understand now that my beliefs mean almost nothing if I am living in a way that is harmful to others and creation. I have also become more aware of the stunning cruelty of the meat & poultry industries, as well as their destructive effect on the environment, which harms people. I decided to become a vegetarian not only because it is healthier for me, but because I cannot in good conscience support these immoral industries. The result of this decision is that I feel more at peace and aligned with my spiritual values, and I feel better overall. I am more appreciative of the rich bounty of foods available to us from the earth, and I am more conscious of how my decisions can help or harm others. It has been very empowering.

Rose Gwynn is a mom, artist, and Communications Coordinator for GreenFaith. She also loves reading books and her yellow lab, Daisy. 

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