Make my pledge


Start your journey by making your spiritual pledge.

We invite you to write a personal declaration of intention to face the climate emergency also by changing how you live. Use words and ideas that are meaningful to you, rooted in your faith and spirituality. For example: “I pledge to make my life a blessing for the Earth”, or “I pledge to be a good steward of Creation”, or furthermore “I pledge to live in harmony and compassion within the web of life”.

People of faith around the world are coming together to walk gently on Earth.

Thank you for joining this critical response to climate change!

Your pledge contributes to the culture shift we need to respond to this crisis:

One of the most powerful steps you can take is simply talking about climate change. Share your pledge in conversations and on social media.

As a step to realize your pledge at the individual level, will you make a personal commitment to change your behavior in one of three high-impact areas: transport, energy, or diet?

Make a Personal Commitment