Grounding in Faith

An innovative workshop for aligning your values when choosing how to travel.

Welcome to Grounding in Faith!

How do we reconcile our deepest spiritual values with the perks and pleasures air travel affords?

Whether to travel by air can be one of the hardest decisions of all. Flying can provide us with such extraordinary convenience, joy, and fulfillment. At the same time, it has truly devastating impacts on the planet. As an environmental psychologist, my work has shown us that when we feel, reflect and connect with others, we can take action on even the toughest challenges, even reducing our air travel. How can we reconcile our spiritual values with our everyday lives? Grounding in Faith is a brand-new, experimental pilot program designed to help us answer this question. Created in partnership with GreenFaith as a component of the Living the Change campaign, we have developed the tools and resources that will test this approach. Here’s all you need to do to join us:

Sign up for a live, virtual workshop - join myself and others on the path for a 2-hour session guiding us through a joyful and enriching experience. No shame, blame or guilt. (See testimonials from our partners below.)**

Receive tools, guidance and resources - how to talk with people in our lives about air travel and related climate change impacts, how to make different decisions, and how to grow our own spiritual leadership.**

Participate in Grounding Sessions - uniquely designed resources and sessions that deepen our commitments and enable us to be successful on our journey, no matter what level of commitment you make.**

This is rare, never-before-offered opportunity -- only available during Time for Living the Change -- and you are our “co-pilots.” When you participate, you gain tremendous resources and tools to help you make new choices. And, you serve as co-creators in designing resources for the wider global community. We need all the support we can get -- and we would love for you to be a key part of this.

Please join us! Sign up today.


Dr. Renee Lertzman
Founder, Project InsideOut

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Grounding in Faith is a pilot program designed to offer you the space and resources to reflect deeply, share honestly, and connect with other people of faith as you grapple with one of the toughest lifestyle challenges for living the change - air travel. The program consists of a virtual workshop, optional follow-up Grounding Sessions, Stories from the Ground, tools, and resources. It is fundamentally a guided experience based on your needs and where you are. It is for anyone, regardless of how frequently you fly or how you feel about air travel.

You will engage with a leading climate psychologist in a live workshop to provide you with pragmatic tools and step-by-step guidance to help shift your relationship to air travel. You will receive support, insight and connection to a community of fellow ‘travelers’!

We are offering three opportunities to participate. You sign up for the one that best suits your schedule and time zone. 

Tuesday, November 5
6pm-8pm PDT/ 12pm AUS

Tuesday, Nov 5

Wednesday, November 6
8am-10am PDT/ 11am-1pm ET/ 5pm-7pm GMT

Wednesday, Nov 6

Thursday, November 7
11am-1pm PT/ 2-4pmET/ 8-10pm GMT

Thursday, Nov 7

I’m signed up for a workshop

You will engage with a leading climate psychologist and others in a live workshop to provide you with pragmatic tools and step-by-step guidance to help you shift your relationship to air travel. You will receive support, insight, and connection to a community of fellow ‘travelers’!

You will be receiving a few orientation emails in advance of the workshop to help us get to know you and your relationship to air travel. 

Just an open heart and mind! We ask that you fill out a brief survey in advance of the workshop in order to help us understand your current relationship to air travel -- this will help us ensure that the workshop addresses your needs!

The workshop is ‘live’ and is hosted via a website conferencing platform. All you will need to have in order to participate is access to a computer, camera and a wifi connection. You will need to be able to see the presentation. We will be sending you a link that you will use to ‘log-in’ and participate!

These are interviews with spiritual leaders and others about how they’ve grappled with the prospect of shifting their relationship to air travel. They are offered as inspiration to draw upon as you embark on your journey! We will be inviting you to share your own Story from the Ground after the Workshop, as a way to share your experience and inspire others. 

Stories from the Ground

Absolutely! Just share with them to register for a workshop! We only ask that it’s clear this program is conducted in the context of Living the Change and has an explicit faith-based or spiritual dimension. 

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You are on your way towards a more conscious, compassionate and integrated approach to air travel in our lives. You will be receiving wonderful resources and guidance to support you in moving forward.  

We offer participants a series of tools and resources, covering the following topics that include -- how to have conversations and interactions with people in our lives about these topics, making new kinds of decisions, and forecasting when it comes to travel planning. You are invited to join a Facebook Group to continue sharing and connecting with your cohort. 


Excellent! Grounding Sessions are scheduled 1-hour sessions held with Renee, or you can organize your own with buddies from the Workshop. We follow a very simple format of looking at where we are most challenged by, and how we can address this. Grounding Sessions are informal and designed to support YOU.

This is a pilot program, and as such we are ‘under the hood’ until we launch our materials later in 2020. We encourage you to share your experiences and learnings amongst your friends, family, and community -- and let us know how it goes. 

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What our Partners Have to Say

Green Faith Leaders attended a virtual design lab, which became the foundation for the core workshop we’ll be offering.
Here’s what some of them had to say.

“After I did it I actually told an organizer of an event in Nova Scotia, I was not sure I could come, and I was looking into traveling by train, instead of flying. The training was effective, leaving me more knowledgeable.”


Irene Woodard
Co-Founder of the Shambhala Touching the Earth Collective

“The Grounding in Faith Workshop gave me an opportunity to look deep inside myself, think about what changes I want to make in my own behavior, and what resistance and challenges I face. It was great to share my hopes and struggles openly with others and to hear theirs. I really felt it was a special atmosphere.”


Fletcher Harper
Executive Director, GreenFaith

“This experience allows a safe space to explore the ethical dilemmas, feelings and facts around air travel in a non-judgemental context, but one which draws participants to challenge themselves.”


Thea Ormerod
President, Australian Religious Response to Climate Change

Grounding in Faith is a pilot program of Project InsideOut, an initiative supported by GreenFaith and the KR Foundation
to providing scalable resources for making climate campaigns more impactful.