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Living the Change is a global, multi-faith initiative directed by GreenFaith, journeying with people of faith, spirit, and conscience to change how we live as part of our response to the climate emergency.

We challenge mainstream consumerism and corporate modes of production that destroy the planet and exploit people, and shift towards cultures of joyful simple living that promote the good life as one of connectedness with each other and all of nature, following the teachings and practices of our religions and spiritualities.

We aim to catalyze rapid and large reductions of personal greenhouse gas emissions of people of faith, spirit, and conscience as part of the collective pursued efforts to stay below mean global warming of 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels. Hence we focus specifically on changes that have the biggest impact on individual emissions in the heaviest polluting communities -- changes to how we travel, what we eat, and how we power our homes.

We know that everyone can make a difference, and we all have a part to play in helping take care of Earth and all people. We also know that high-consuming, wealthier countries and communities are the ones whose behaviors need to change the most. Living the Change welcomes everyone who wants to walk gently on Earth together with us, while concentrating especially on people with the highest carbon footprints.



Caroline Bader

Co-Director of Living the Change
Caroline Bader is co-facilitator of the GreenFaith International Network and coordinates GreenFaith’s work on individual behavior change and engagement with German faith communities. She holds a diploma in religious education and a certificate in International Organisations Management and previously served as Youth Secretary for the Lutheran World Federation.


Dr Martin Kopp

Co-Director of Living the Change
Martin holds a doctorate in Protestant theology from the University of Strasbourg, France. He chairs the Commission on Ecology and Climate Justice of the French Protestant Federation and speaks at conferences around the country. He served as the Climate Justice Advocacy Officer of the Lutheran World Federation. 

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