How can I engage others?

Credit: ARRCC

When we commit with others, we increase our power and support one another.

We become more committed. We learn from each other. We make our lifestyle changes last. We develop the ability to become public leaders and ambassadors for the changes that we have adopted. We build our credibility when we address decision-makers, advocating them to do better and faster. In these ways, we increase the impact of our own lives.

This link between personal and community transformation is at the heart of our work. Living the Change offers a variety of ways that you can engage friends, family members, or people in your community to make a change and have impact in our own lives and in wider society.

Beauty in Simplicity, The joy of living simply image

Beauty in Simplicity, The joy of living simply

by Valériane Bernard

I love what is simple. It reminds me of the bareness and majesty of Zen monasteries - of the beauty of peaceful gardens and creative art.

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Living the Change Experience

You are ready to change, but don’t want to journey alone? The Living the Change Experience is tailor-made for you! In this 6-month journey as a small group, together with a minimum of 3 friends or members of your community, you will meet monthly, discuss how our faith relates to climate change, pledge, learn which lifestyle changes make a difference, choose your own commitments, and support each other.

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Time for Living the Change

With the New Year, you traditionally make meaningful and beneficial changes in your life? The Time for Living the Change is perfect timing! From 1 to 31 January 2022, you are invited to gather friends or members of your community in a local event, and add your local event to hundreds of them organized worldwide. This is the season for deepening your concrete response to climate change and developing your leadership.

Will you join the season?